A Great 3rd Piece from Elizabeth Gillett

I will surely get the award for worst blogger ever!! I have been MIA from social media and am really behind on my blogging efforts!! But it has been really fun July I have to say. Hunter (our first grand baby) was born July 13 and then we had a blast on our annual family vacay. This year Bill tried to kill us or wear us out by planning some really fun and sometimes extreme activities. No sleeping late or resting on this trip. Getting up early for a 2 1/2 hour van ride to our white water rafting excursion is just an example of our family bonding experiences. I am missing Colorado today and having most of my family all together in one place. A mom’s dream for sure!! I like this tunic from Elizabeth Gillett because it reminds my of vacation! Plus she is giving a 20% discount and free shipping with code “FASHIONOMICS” ¬†until ¬†8/20/17

I don’t know if it is because I used to be a teacher and had the summers off or I am just still stuck in the school calendar mode from my kids, but I love summer!! I love traveling and I also love my town in summer when the traffic is lighter and you can get into a restaurant because most people are in cooler places. Packing for a trip to the beach or the mountains is really easy and I love not having to wear make up for a week or so. This Kate, indigo handloom tunic from Elizabeth Gillett is a great 3rd piece that you can wear over jeans and a tank to look pulled tother with little effort. I have to admit when I received the box of goodies from Elizabeth and pulled this out I was a little skeptical. But it has turned out to be one of my faves!! Love the loose weave that is so light weight and the trendy fringe trim is just the right finishing touch. It just says let’s relax!

I always love white jeans and wear them almost every day, especially in the summer. I love what I call “no brainer” outfits that I can throw on and feel pulled together but not have to think much about what to wear. The reason I like a 3rd piece is that it can pull a simple outfit together with little effort!! This one looks great white or could go with denim for sure. I will be showing it in a blog soon as a swim cover up!! I also love this Style Guide on the Elizabeth Gillett website that shows lots of ways to wear scarves, ponchos and all of her fabulous “3rd pieces”! I grabbed my fuchsia kimono from this recent post and headed to church and then dinner. Easy dressing, I just saw it in my closet and threw it on over pink jeans and a white tank.

Elizabeth Gillet – Kate, Indigo Handloom Tunic

Gap Skinny Jean

Gap Tank

USE CODE “FASHIONOMICS” for 20% discount and free shipping through 8/20/17