Swimsuit Shopping

I wonder which is worse? Going shopping for jeans or an evening gown or a swimsuit?? Since it is freezing cold outside and I don’t want to take my clothes off at home, much less in a dressing room, I would have to say shopping for a swim suit is among the most dreaded pursuits. I know a lot of women shop online but I am long waisted and I need to try the suit on. I guess you could just order several styles and send the ones back that don’t work. I live in a city with so many stores that it is really pretty easy to find a swimsuit any time of the year. I drive past Everything But Water every morning on my way to work out. I am planning to go in soon!!! Around Valentine’s Day they had the most gorgeous display of red and pink and coral suits near the window, very inviting. This year I want to get at least one great swimsuit, maybe two, with cover ups so that I can be ready to go to the beach this summer or anywhere else I may decide to go before that trip!!! Maybe I will be invited to a fancy pool party!!!
I have a confession to make. At the end of last summer I realized that I had not put on a swimsuit all year. Wow!! It felt kind of weird to think that I never go to the lake or pool parties or the beach. I did actually go to San Francisco and Carmel but, no swim suit needed.
The other confession is that I do not have one great swimsuit that I would feel good about wearing in public anyway. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually made the effort to go out in search of a suit and try some on. I have some hand me downs and a mixed bag of older suits. I am going to change!! I think it is possible because I actually went for a proper bra fitting recently (which I highly recommend) with my friend Michelle Zimmet, of Chantelle lingerie, at Neiman Marcus NorthPark. It is kind of shocking to find out your appropriate bra size. Anyway, I bought a nude t-shirt bra and then branched out to buy a fancy bra and panty to spice up my lingerie wardrobe. I feel like that was a new beginning. Now I am determined to find a great swimsuit this spring.
I guess the other reason I do not sunbathe anymore is the danger of sun damage. I have quite a collection of unsightly spots on my hand and arms and chest from lots of time in the sun. I am from the baby oil and iodine genre and I could really get a great tan. Little did I know that my skin would suffer for years to come. I have always covered my face since I started modeling but I have always loved a little sun on my legs. I have an arsenal of sunscreens and hats for protection when I am out in the sun. I also have my favorite tanning towels to keep from looking pasty white during the winter months. It is not easy to decide how to get some healthy time in the sun, Vitamin D and all, without getting any further sun damage or be at risk for skin cancer.
Last summer when I was in Carmel (not swimming!!) I learned about a line of swimsuits that are fashionable and also protect you from the sun. What a great combination. The line is called Cover Clothing Swimwear and is available online and at several high end retailers and resorts. Cover uses it’s own specially constructed fabric made of highly opaque microfibers. The UPF 50+ certification means that it blocks 98% or UV rays since the protection is physical not chemical.
Lisa Moore co-founded Cocer in 2007. She recognized the need for stylish sun protective clothing for women of all ages. As a young mother trying to protect her children’s skin, she found limited choices to protect her own. After Lisa’s sister was diagnosed with Melanoma the Cover mission shifted from purely fashion and beauty to include promoting health. The Cover collection includes chic, innovative pieces that provide physical sun protection in the most flattering silhouettes. I am quoting from the website and was very impressed with the concept and the orchestration of sun protective fabrics into fashion conscious swimwear that is pretty and flattering and practical. We all need to be very aware of protecting our skin and being proactive in using preventive measures. It is really about health, and beauty and life!!