2018 Beauty – Kate Somerville

 Well, I feel like I am getting started about a week late in 2018 but I am finally finished un-decorating and although my house looks really bare I feel like shouting Hallelujah!! I love Christmas so much and I am very aware that I make it harder on myself than it could be, but it’s worth it to me!! I can say that now that I have survived the put up and take down!! haha  I have decided that with this new year I am going to work harder on maintaining my skin care regime. It actually takes a lot of time and money and I have gotten a bit lazy over the past year. I also started feeling that spending so much on these products was not worth it. BUT I have changed my mind!! I know that my aging skin needs extra special care and sliding back to just using Clinique moisturizer (which I do love and will still use to supplement) is not enough. I have tried to evaluate the benefits of using some products I have had great results from in the past. My daughter Roxanne actually introduced me to the Kate Somerville skin care line because she had success before her wedding with some products for break outs. We purchased everything from Neiman Marcus NorthPark and heard Kate speak on several occasions. That is one reason that I believe in her products so much.  She is amazing, practical and very knowledgeable!! Love her!! 

 I know these photos look cheesy but I really was this excited to receive my Christmas gift to me. Actually I pretended it was from Bill since I charged it to his Amex card. That’s how he shops for Christmas!! haha I guess at some point I had signed up to receive emails from Kate Somerville and so in December one caught my eye because with a certain $$ purchase you could get a free full size DermalQuench. This is absolutely one of my favorite products because it is like putting liquid nitrogen on your face. You spray this cold foam on your face, rub it in and it tightens everything. When I was using this on a regular basis I could really tell the difference and got comments on my skin. “Provides an infusion of much-needed Oxygen to increase volume and create a plumping effect that dramatically diminishes the look of expression lines and furrows.” The other product on the top of my list was KateCeuticals Restor8 Replenishing Serum. If you read anything about tips on anti-aging products and caring for your skin it will always include the importance of using a serum. This is amazing and changes the texture of my skin somehow. It never feels this velvety smooth unless I am using this serum. And all of Kate’s products smell so fresh, this one has kind of a slight orange scent. “Enhances the skin’s lipid moisture barrier and locks in essential hydration to plump up skin.” I was trying to budget so I was careful to order wisely. I decided to purchase the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment because another key process is getting rid of the dead skin so you can treat your skin. This treatment is a must in my opinion!! “Exfoliating scrub exfoliates and polishes skin, revealing a smooth, healthy-looking, glowing complexion.

I will share something I learned the hard way. I loved this Restore8 Serum so much that I was very liberal with the application. I just loved the way it smells and the way it made my skin feel. However I would highly recommend following the directions and use only one pump or you will run out quickly and it is not inexpensive!! I apply it after the DermalQuench treatment morning and night and am already seeing and feeling the benefits. 

The best thing about ordering from the Kate Somerville website is that you can join the “ UltimateKate Rewards Club” and get notifications of special offers and accumulate reward points, but they are always having a promotion to buy something and get a full size product free like I did. On this order in the Complimentary Holiday Weekender Kit I received ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer ( like to use this in the morning after DermalQuench and Restore8 Serum because it is a bit lighter) , Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream ( I like to use this at night after DermalQuench and Restore8 Serum because it seems a little heavier), Wrinkle Warrior Eye Gel ( I use this in the morning because “A powerful, lightweight gel that visibly reduces dark circles, lines & wrinkles and puffy eyes for a hydrated look and feel.” and still use my fave Caudalie eye cream in the evening), ExfoliKate Cleanser (use morning and night). I guess everyone likes a gift with purchase and this seemed like a very generous package. In addition you can always choose some free samples with your order. I received Wrinkle Warrior 2-in-1 Plumping Mosturizer + Serum. I will let you know what I think after I try it.

I wanted to show you Kate applying the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment which is green and smells kind of minty and makes your face tingle but it is fab! I don’t use it every day, maybe 2 times per week. “An award-winning exfoliator for dramatically smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin in just 2 minutes.” And the second photo is Kate administering her famous oxygen facial. It is really a  great treatment for brightening and tightening your skin and I have experienced it when Kate makes a personal appearance at NM. A couple of other products I have used and really liked but did not order this time because I am trying to budget are Multi-Active Revive “A luxurious, lightweight anti-aging cream designed to revive, hydrate and improve the appearance of skin firmness.”   I have also used Deep Tissue Repair CreamA high-performance, age-defense moisturizer with an exclusive blend of Peptides designed to provide intense hydration.” for more intense moisturizing when I am feeling really dry. One more product that is really cool is the Clinic-to-Go Resurfacing Peel Pad “A professional strength peel in convenient single-use buffing pads that resurfaces skin to reveal a youthful look and smoother feel.” Kate Somerville is very aware of sensitive skin and her products are not harsh or irritating.

Thank you for going on this quest for an anti-aging solution that will not break the bank. I cannot tell you how different my skin feels after just a few days of using 4 Kate Somerville products (DermalQuench, Restore8 , Age Arrest and Glow Moisturizer ) and I know the benefits will continue as I get into a routine. I haven’t even had a chance to use the ExfoliKate which I already know is amazing. I cannot stress the importance of washing your face every night and making sure that you have removed all of your make up. Also I have learned that it is really important to wash your face after working out to remove the sweat. I usually work out every morning and I have to have use moisturizer so I wash my face with Mary Kay Time Wise Cleanser (which has a mild exfoliant) and then apply my Clinique moisturizer because I want to save the good stuff – Kate Somerville – for when I am really getting dressed and ready to reap the benefits all day long. Being budget minded I want to make the most of the more expensive products. (Call me cheap) I am very aware that there are many beauty and skin care products on the market at all price points and everyone has different needs, but this is a system that has made a difference in my skin over time and when I stoppped using it, I really missed it.  

  1. Wash your face every night – remove all make up!!!!!
  2. Moisturize
  3. Serum 
  4. Eye cream
  5. Exfoliate on a regular basis
  6. Sun Screen
  7. Sleep is underrated!!

Happy New Year and wishing you a fabulous start to a new you!!! Never give up!!! You are worth it and I am here to help in any way that I can. Thank you for reading and I really appreciate and value your input, questions and comments.  XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner